Kahvi will save you money.

Kahvi is a travel mug with it’s very own built in cafetiere.

With Kahvi’s cafetiere-that’s-good-to-go you can drink your favourite coffee and save over £400* per year.

You work hard so you want to save money for the things in life that matter to you.

Thing is, you love your coffee when you’re out but at around £2.50 per time those costs are adding up to over £500* a year … and that’s just having 5 per week!

Simply add your favourite coffee grounds, boiling water (and milk or sugar) and screw the top as you head out of the door.

As you’re on your way simply let the coffee brew before pressing down the ingenious in-built plunger.

Pop open the drinking spout with one hand and drink your favourite coffee.

Due to the thermal properties of the Kahvi cafietiere-to-go, you know you’ve got hours of your favourite coffee or tea.

Why not start saving money today with Kahvi?

It’s your choice:

  1. Save £40 per month* by choosing your coffee, your way (that’s your new mobile phone paid for!)
  2. Pay pennies for freshly brewed coffee or pounds for instant at your local cafe?
  3. Value-for-money, beautifully designed Finnish practicality or follow the crowd with their paper cups?

*£2.50 per coffee per day x 20 days = £45 per month vs £5 per month to buy your own