Kahvi will make you the envy of all other campers.

Kahvi is a travel mug with it’s very own built in cafetiere.

You can have your favourite coffee whilst camping.

Your Kahvi cafetiere-that’s-good-to-go is your way to bring great fresh coffee to the great fresh outdoors, and use it as a normal travel mug for other drinks such as brewing tea bags or loose leaf tea.

Simply add your favourite coffee grounds, boiling water (and milk or sugar) and screw on the top as you lie back on the grass and think of Finland.

As you’re taking in the scenery your fresh coffee is brewing and just waiting for the right moment for you to press down the ingeniously built-in plunger.

Pop open the drinking spout , drink your favourite coffee and then you can simply clip it back in place.

Due to the thermal properties of the Kahvi cafietiere-to-go, you know you’ve got up to two hours of your favourite coffee while you get burning those sausages.

Campers, why not start your day with Kahvi?

It’s your choice:

  1. Freshly brewed coffee or good old instant?
  2. Your insulated travel mug and cafetiere in one robust unit or a normal travel mug? Duh?
  3. Beautifully designed with Finnish practicality or that old brushed stainless steel travel mug?