Kahvi will make you a better driver.

Kahvi is a travel mug with it’s very own built in cafetiere.

You’re about to go on a long drive. You know you’re going to need a coffee to keep you alert but the thought of the packed motorway service station to wait for an average cup of coffee and that poorly fitted plastic lid that could spill all over the car at any moment just saps your soul. Be like the Finnish people and enjoy your favourite coffee, your way, when you want it and at a fraction of the cost of the motorway service station.

Simply add your favourite coffee grounds, boiling water (and milk or sugar) and screw the top as you head out of the door.

As you’re on the road, simply let the coffee brew before pressing down the in-built plunger.

Pop open the drinking spout with one hand to savour your favourite coffee.

Due to the thermal properties of the Kahvi cafietiere-to-go, you know you’ve got hours worth of your favourite coffee throughout your drive.

Why not start your drive with Kahvi.

It’s your choice:

  1. Fifteen extra minutes on the road or spend it queuing for coffee?
  2. Plastic lid Russian roulette or screwed down Finnish practicality?
  3. Motorway service coffee, not exactly how you like it or your favourite coffee, your way?
  4. Wait to get to the motorway service station to get your caffeine hit, or get your coffee fix when you’re ready?

*£2.50 per coffee per day x 20 days = £45 per month vs £5 per month to buy your own