Kahvi is for true Lovers of Tea

Kahvi is a travel mug with it’s very own built in cafetiere.

You love tea.

So why not enjoy your favourite loose-leaf tea wherever and whenever with Kahvi’s cafetiere-that’s-good-to-go.

Simply add your favourite loose-leaf tea, boiling water (and milk or sugar if you wish} and screw on the top as you go about doing whatever it is you’re doing.

Your fresh tea is brewing and waiting for you to press down the marvellous in-built plunger.

Pop open the drinking spout with one hand and you’re ready to drink your favourite tea.

Due to the thermal properties of the Kahvi cafetiere-that’s-good-to-go you’ll have perfect hot tea for up to 2 hours.

Why not start your day with a happy Finnish?

It’s your choice:

  1. Limited choice of high street tea or your specialist tea, your way?
  2. Beautifully designed Finnish practicality or just another paper cup?
  3. Pennies for quality freshly brewed tea or pounds for another average green tea?