Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I add milk and sugar when I make my coffee or tea?

A - Why, yes you can. Just add your milk after you've added your coffee, boiling water and sugar.

Q - Will it spill?

A - We suggest you try to keep it relatively upright, but it'll take a good amount of shaking about. With it's strong silicone seals it is the most effective travel mug around.

Q - What's it made of?

A - A very solid, double-walled stainless steel construction. Inside it's a stainless steel mechanism and fine mesh with a silicone seal to stop those nasty bits getting into your drink.

Q - Can I buy a replacement filter?

A - Yes. If your filter becomes damaged, we can send a replacement filter for £2 plus postage. It can be removed by unscrewing the filter from the plunger. Please contact sophie at

Q: HELP? My filter has unscrewed from the plunger and stuck in the mug

A - First - stay calm! It is designed to do this to allow you to replace the filter or give it a thorough cleaning.

If the filter is stuck in the mug, this will be due to continually unscrewing the lid to free it from the mug.  This is an easy mistake to make as the silicon seal around the filter holds it really tight against the side wall of the mug (which stops any grounds entering the drinking area). Follow this guide to resolve the problem.

1. If the filter can be reached by the plunger, simply screw the plunger into the filter and remove, then tighten the filter to the plunger.

2. If the filter is beyond the plunger, first remove the small black plastic piece at the bottom of the plunger. Then remove the plunger from the lid by pulling it through the hole. Place the plunger into the mug and screw it onto the filter to remove it. You can then remove the filter, put the plunger back through the lid, add the small black plastic piece and then add the filter.

Job done!

Q - I Drive a lot. Will Kahvi fit into my BMW's cup holder?

A - Yes, of course it will. Unless you're driving a 1956 Morris Minor, which doesn't actually have one, you should be just fine.

Q - Does Kahvi contain BPA?

A - All Kahvi cafetieres are 100% BPA free.

Q - Does my Kahvi come with a warranty?

A - Yes. We offer a 12 month guarantee on all Kahvis.